Getting in Touch with Art and Ourselves

Photo: CC0, Unsplash, 2016

A very interesting and informative article written in the Daily Californian, a student-run newspaper out of University of Berkeley, about art therapy explaining what this form of therapy looks like in a professional setting. To anyone looking for an answer as to how art therapy is different from other forms, this is a great read!

The article includes interviews American Art Therapy Association board member Paige Asawa and Art Therapy Clinic Director, Helen B. Landgarten. The two discuss how any sort of art, even doodling or scribbling helps us to get in touch with ourselves.”Art, then, is an act of self-exploration and discovery in a manner which is natural and comfortable for the individual.” Many of us are out of touch with our emotions and feelings and art is a pathway to rekindle that connection and go deeper.

“(Art therapy) reaches those nonverbal places where trauma is stored in the psyche and in the body. (It) can really release those traumatic events so that they are not detrimental to the person’s development and growth, and I think that that’s specifically one of many areas in which art therapy far surpasses other types of therapy”

-Paige Asawa, American Art Therapy Association

Check out the article here!