Spreading Art Therapy

Sticking to my beat, I will be examining art and therapy a bit further for my final project by asking the question how are people spreading the word of art therapy? As I’ve mentioned in other posts, although gradually gaining attention, Art Therapy isn’t that well known as a field or practice. I would like to contact organizations and associations such as: American Art Therapy Association (contacts), MGH Art Therapy program’s certified art therapists, and admissions at Lesley University for their MA in Expressive Therapy program. These would be my core expert interviews, along with interviews from, perhaps, someone in private practice, a Boston public arts community center, a popular blogger, a student who is very involved in art.

My video will focus on people who art practicing this sort of art, or just art in general for themselves . This will probably have to be a student or someone in a public center to be allowed to record in the space. I will ask them what art is to them, if they know about art therapy and how did they get involved in it if so.

The photo story will include the actual places where people can practice art therapy to show what these locations look like and how they operate. These probably won’t be able to include people in practice in places like hospitals or private practice, so they will be focused on the projects that have been done, what the space looks like, etc.





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