My Experiment with Live Tweeting


As I wrote in my last post, Twitter has never been a social media go-to for me, so this experiment with live Tweeting was definitely a challenge. This weekend, I attended “Sensory Carnival Saturdays” hosted at the artlery160 gallery on Federal Street in Boston. Artist Sloat Shaw designed the gallery in a way that not only exhibited her paintings, but allowed the viewers to experience them in a whole new way. Stations were set up for participants to test out with items such as aromatherapy oils and massage balls to stimulate their senses. Before and after the experiment, visitors could take a sensory baseline test to discover how their brain was reacting to the stimuli. This event was so interesting and engaging, with a great message about connecting to our inner artist. I’ll also be attending the Pop Up Talk on creativity and the brain later on this week.

Going to this event, I basically wanted to accomplish my goal of understanding Twitter. I also wanted to see if it were possible to participate in an event of this nature while covering it. While I was there I found that it was quite difficult to be fully present, especially because this event required concentration to participate. I felt distracted and that I was being rude while on my phone, so I explained to the artist what I was doing.

Although it was difficult, I do see the positives in Tweeting live.I think that covering an event as it happens can be more interesting and perhaps more accurate. It’s not necessary to write in full detail, and pictures/videos definitely help to explain a situation more than the 140 character limit. Overall, I don’t think I would try live Tweeting again, perhaps in a different kind of event that’s less intimate.


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